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24x and 48x Call Assistant
24x and 48x Call Assistant
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Description and Features
Call Assistant allows operators, receptionists or individual users (both local or remote) to monitor the state of every line in the system and to effectively dispatch calls by answering, transferring, parking or sending to voicemail. Users can view all call activity across the system, including call queues, parked calls, monitors, and their own call history.
In addition, users logged in to the Call Assistant can record outbound and inbound calls from their phone using the Call Recording feature. Call Assistant is a fully integrated PC software tool with an intuitive software interface designed to work in combination with any Allworx VoIP phone.
Also included is the new Call History tab located in the Switchboard section. This tab displays all incoming and outgoing calls that have been dialed and received by the user. Call Assistant also provides enhanced views of the company directory and auto attendant status, parked calls, call queues and call monitors. Users can transfer callers between any one of these views via their desktop

Key Features

  • Call Recording Feature
  • Call History Tab
  •  Enhanced Dial Pad
  • Additional transfer capabilities
  • Expanded Views
  • Centralized call management
  • "Drag & drop" capability for transferring calls
  • Easy access to standard call functions
  • Easy-to-use graphical user interface
  • Quick and easy installation
Call Recording Feature   Allworx Call Assistant 2.1 now provides a toolbar button to start or stop call recording at your command. A user's calls are easily recorded by clicking on the button to start recording, and then saved in .wav file formats at any user assigned location. Best of all, users don't have to worry about making sure they stop recording when another call comes in.
  • Record calls with the push of a button
  • Active calls can be recorded by a simple click in your Call Assistant Tool Bar
  • Start or Stop recording active calls in real-time
  • Calls are saved as standard .wav files and can be played on Windows Media Player (included with all Windows OS versions).
Each recording is saved in a folder named Recorded Calls in the user's My Documents folder. Filenames are composed of the date and time of the recording.
Start Recording – To record the currently selected call in the My Calls section, select the Start/Stop Record option or right-click on the call and choose Start or Stop Recording from the pop-up menu.
Stop Recording – To stop recording, select the Start/Stop Record toolbar option or right-click on the call and choose Start or Stop Recording from the pop-up menu. Recording will stop automatically if the call is released, parked, transferred or ended . Recording will pause when the call is put on hold and can be manually restarted when the call is resumed. A beep will be inserted into the recording at the point when the call was put on hold.
Call History Tab    The new Call History tab displays all calls that have been dialed and received by the user (see screen shot below).
  • Users can redial any call displayed in the Call History tab by double-clicking on the entry
  • Quickly view your daily call activity – both incoming and outgoing.
  • Captures completed calls, missed calls, unanswered calls, date and time for both inbound and outbound calls
  • Sort calls by incoming/outgoing, name, number or time of day.
Multiple Transfer Capabilities     Transfer Calls directly to the following:

Auto Attendant
Lists all Auto Attendants so that the user can transfer calls to specific Auto Attendants to assist the caller (e.g. transfer a customer who is interested in buying a product to the sales team; the Auto Attendant “Sales Team” will have specific options and appropriate call routes in place).
Call Queues Lists all Call Queues, including Longest Wait Time and Queue Volume. User can either transfer a call to a specific queue or answer a queue.
Call Monitors Lists all Call Monitors including the number of callers ringing on each Monitor. User can transfer a call to a Call Monitor or answer a Call Monitor. Call Monitors offer an easy way to enable an incoming call to directly ring a group of phones. Multiple calls to the Call Monitor wait to be answered in the order received. However, these calls benefit from a “live answer” as an alternative to making the caller wait and listen to queue announcements (e.g. Call Queues). A business might set up a Call Monitor to live-answer all incoming calls to the sales team or when multiple users can answer as the operator.
Paked Calls   Lists all Parked Calls currently in the system. User can pick up any parked call.
Expanded views 
  • Call History Tab– Record incoming and outgoing calls and quickly redial those contacts at the touch of a button
  • Directory Tab – Displays all extensions and handsets in the Allworx System.
  • Auto Attendant Tab – Displays all system auto attendants so you can call them direct or transfer calls to a specific Auto Attendant.
  • Parked Calls Tab – Displays specific extension, caller info and call duration for all parked calls.
  • Queues Tab – Displays all system queues, including elapsed time of the longest wait and number of calls in the queue.
  • Monitors Tab – Displays all system call monitors including the number of calls ringing on each monitor.